What is the resolution in the book Dogsong by Gary Paulson?

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In the book "Dogsong" by Gary Paulsen, Russell has to find a way to kill some food and bring it back to the woman girl in the tent.  He knew if he did not get some and wore the dogs out too much that she would die.  He continues to push his dogs forward.  He had thought about returning to the girl and then killing and eating the dogs, but he knew he needed to keep pushing the.

Russell and the dogs track a massive polar bear that is larger than he has ever seen.  He only has a small weapon with which to kill it.  The bear comes after Russell and he throws the killing lance and it penetrates the bear.  As the bear dies Russell moves in and out of the dream world.  He ahs the huge bear and will be able to get some meat.

He feeds the dogs and travels back to Nancy where he finds her weak and in deep sleep.  He relights the lamp.  He dreams of the woman delivering a baby and it being still born.  He tried for days to get her better by feeding her, but he knows she needs a doctor.

He and Nancy and the dog ride to get the rest of the bear meat and head towards the village, towards home.  In the end Nancy is very weak, but they are near the village and her eyes light up.  He has completed his journey of his dreams.

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