What is the resolution in the book Angels and Demons?

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At the end of Angels and Demons, Robert Langdon awakens in a hospital and watches on Kohler's camera a video of the late pope's assistant branding himself with the sign of the Illuminati and confessing that he had killed the pope for having an illegitimate child. Langdon, Vittoria, and the cardinals return to the Vatican to confront the camerlengo and learn that he had misheard the Pope saying he had fathered a child through artificial insemination. The camerlengo also confesses that he hired Vetra's assassin, coordinated the stealing of the antimatter, and faked his vision from God. The Illuminati involvement was also feigned, and the entire plot was intended to unite the Catholic church. He then lights himself on fire in St. Peter's Square. Shortly after, Mortati is elected Pope by the cardinals. The story ends with Langdon and Vittoria on a date at Hotel Bermini.

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