What is the resolution of The Blind Assassin?

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The resolution of the story comes when Iris attempts to reconcile with her granddaughter by writing to her. By writing the story, she is trying to bring closure to her family's past and redeem her relationship with her estranged granddaughter.

Iris's father arranges a marriage between Iris and a wealthy man named Richard. The marriage is arranged with the aim of saving the family business, but Richard reneges on his promise to finance the business. Iris's father dies, and the information is kept from her by Richard. Her sister, Laura, suffers a mental breakdown from the events. Iris later learns that Richard forced Laura to procure an abortion after impregnating her.

Laura ends up committing suicide. Iris writes The Blind Assassin in Laura's name with the aim of exposing Richard. The book negatively affects Richard's political aspirations and public outlook, and he ends up committing suicide. Iris's daughter, Aimee, turns to drugs after she is separated from her mother. In the end, Iris tries to reach out to Sabrina, her daughter’s child, through her writing.

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