What is the resolution in Black Beauty?

Expert Answers
mwestwood eNotes educator| Certified Educator

In the novel that did more for ending cruelties to horses than any other publication, Black Beauty is sold to a corn dealer after Jerry the cab driver becomes ill, but the dark stables harm his eyes, so he is sold to another cab driver who allows his horses be overworked.  One day Beauty collapses from having to pull a loaded cab.  He comes close to being destroyed, but a farrier realizes that Beauty's lungs are yet good.  So, Beauty is sent to an auction where Farmer Thoroughgood buys him because his compassionate grandson and he believe that they can rehabilitate the horse.  Finally, Beauty gains weight and strength and he is sold to Ellen and Lavinia Blomefield.  Still working for the Blomfields is Joe Green, who recognizes the once magnificent animal.  With the loving care of Joe, Black Beauty lies out his long life in green pastures.