What is the resolution of the story "Chains"?

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mizzwillie eNotes educator| Certified Educator

Resolution is a term used to describe the solving or resolving of the crisis or problem in a story or novel.  Think of the diagram  of a short story where the beginning is the introduction of the characters, the setting, and the essential problem.  The rising action is all of what happens leading up  to the high point or climax of the story.  The falling action comes after the climax and leads directly into the resolution where you learn what happens to the main characters and the main problem they faced.  Resolution helps you see what they have learned or what they will change about themselves in response to the resolution.  For example, if the story is about a sister who takes care of her handicapped brother, and she learns that the brother can run like she does, she resolves to keep running herself but also to teach her brother what she knows about running.  The resolution of the story is her realization that she can run herself as it is part of her identity, but also to help her brother realize his potential.

rachellopez | Student

A resolution in literature is the conclusion: the part of the story where everything is wrapped up and all conflicts are resolved. The easiest example that I could give would be scooby doo (because the plot is really easy to follow). You have reached the resolution in scooby doo at the end of the episode where you find out who the monster is and their motivation. In most everything you will read the resolution is the end of the story. 

ldog | Student

The resolution of Chains is when they escape Madam Lockton.

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