What is the resolution in Fever 1793?  What is the resolution of the story?

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anthonda49 eNotes educator| Certified Educator

The resolution (what happens after the climax of the story where the problem is resolved) is when Mattie's mother follows George Washington back into Philadelphia. His arrival signals the "all clear" for the plague refugees. People may return and live once more in the city. Mattie has reopened the family's coffeehouse and is making a satisfactory return to life before the plague. Nathaniel's presence also shows that the young couple will probably marry in the years to come. Mattie's mother is now an invalid, so Mattie will be the adult figure, making a living and caring for her mother much the way her mother cared for her as a child. Eliza has been made a partner in the business. This  shows that black people in Philadelphia at the time had the freedom to own and operate a business which signalled an equality to whites.

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