What have researchers found out about the hormone that regulates sleep?Where is it present, in what kind of fruit or vegetables?

Expert Answers
jkirkwoo eNotes educator| Certified Educator

Melatonin is the hormone that help regulates sleep.  It was first discovered in 1958 by Aaron B. Lerner who was researching at the Yale University School of Medicine.  This hormone is secreted by the pineal gland.  Its production is affected by the presecnce of light and dark as seen by the eye's retina.  It's production is stimulated by the presence of darkness and inhibited by the presence of light.  This hleps create the body's natural circadian rythyms which include the sleep/wake cycle.  It has been found in humans, mammals, some amphibians and in some plants but there is no natural food source that can increase blood levels of melatonin for humans.

It has been manufactured into a dieatry supplement and is for sale over the counter but dieatry supplements are not regulated by the FDA so you should always use caution when using them.

The prescription pill Rozerem uses a chemical form of melatonin and it is FDA approved.  Be ready to experience pretty vivid dreams when taking any dietary or prescription form of Melatonin.