What are research types used in business application?

Expert Answers
Karen P.L. Hardison eNotes educator| Certified Educator

There are six common types of research that have application to business. 1. Case studies allow for detailed information based on an individual's or group's consumer satisfaction, attitudes, preferences and opinions. 2. Surveys and questionnaires accumulate large amounts of general information from a sampling of a broad population. 3. Interviews aim for in-depth personal experience through questions that are answered in full instead of briefly as on surveys. 4. Focus groups look for interaction and honest feedback on products. 5. Observation aims for accuracy of information through the impressions of qualified individuals. 6. Documentation review provides a collection of factual historical information from such documents as financial statements and in-house communications.

There are weakness to each type of research. Case studies are time consuming and narrow in focus. Surveys have wording challenges and may be responded to without due care. Interviews are also time consuming and may be influenced by interviewer bias. Focus groups are difficult to arrange and difficult to mediate, so feedback may be compromised. Observations may be difficult to interpret and analyze and may influence behaviors observed. Documentation review is not flexible and is limited to past records.