What are the requirements for getting into the University of Pennsylvania (upenn)? What are the average SAT scores you need to get in???

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The University of Pennsylvania, located in Philadelphia, is a member of the prestigious Ivy League and, as such, is extremely competitive in terms of acceptance. They boast an admission rate of only 12% of applicants with 97% of those returning their sophomore year. They require the SAT Reasoning Test and SAT Subject Tests or ACT with Writing. Admission factors include academic GPA, standardized test scores, rigor of high school classes, application essay, recommendations, and character qualities. Tuition last fall was listed at $42,098 with an additional $11,878 for room and board. The middle 50% of first year sudents scored between:

660-750 SAT Critical Reading

690-780 SAT Math

670-770 SAT Writing

30-34 ACT with Writing

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