What represent the word "worn" in the title "A Worn Path"? How is it related to Phoenix's life as a black woman?Please be specific...

Expert Answers
amy-lepore eNotes educator| Certified Educator

THe path is worn by the constant travel of Phoenix's feet in repeated trips for the medicine she needs.  It is related to her life as a black woman since her life has also worn on her.  Phoenix's life has been anything but easy.  Her description tells you this, but she is also resolved to reach her goals.  Even when she faces the hunter with his rifle who degrades her with his racial comments and threats, she does not waffle in her determination to get that medicine.

Both the path and Phoenix are "worn"--the path is a wrinkle in the earth which symbolizes the wrinkles in her own face.  They both show wear and tear from hard work and "traffic".