What is remarkable about Mr. Jagger’s housekeeper, Molly?

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I think Jaggers makes an effort to point out (when introducing Molly in a rather strange way) that Molly's wrists show formidable strength. I think this is to be a reflection of her character. It may not matter what her strength lies in, nonetheless, it is a strength.

What I find remarkable is that her daugther we later find is also a woman of great strength. The difference may be what each of them chooses to use their strength for.

It seems that Jaggers made an effort to point out this strength to Pip for a reason. It is as if he was giving him a clue.

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I would say that the most remarkable thing about Molly is that she turns out to be Estella's mother.  She does not know what has happened to her daughter other than the fact that the daughter was taken and brought up by a rich person.  Pip finds this out because he notices many similarities between the two of them.

I suppose it is also remarkable that Molly has been a convict.  Pip notices this because Molly's wrists have scars on them as if she has had manacles on her wrists for a long time.

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