What are the remaining countries that practice absolute monarchy? 

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There are only a very few countries remaining where monarchs claim absolute power. The most prominent examples are on the Arabian peninsula, and include Saudi Arabia, which is ruled by the royal House of Saud, and its neighbhors in Oman and Qatar. The tiny sultanate of Brunei is ruled by a sultan who claims absolute power, and Swaziland, also a very small nation, is ruled by an absolute monarchy. Interestingly, some nations that have previously been ruled by very limited monarchs have shifted back to granting more powers to the sovereign. Liechtenstein, a tiny country in Europe, is an example of this phenomenon as they restored many of the traditional powers of the monarchy in 2004. In reality, though, most monarchies are (and, according to many historians, always have been) limited in their powers, either by constitutions, tradition, or expediency. Some traditionally absolutist monarchies have given way to more limited ones in the 21st century, including in Bhutan, Tonga, and Morocco.