What are some religious issues associated with Christopher Marlowe's play Doctor Faustus?

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The most important religious issue the play addresses is Christian salvation. What makes Doctor Faustus tragic is not that Faustus makes a bad bargain with the devil to sell his soul but that he assigns far too much power to the devil. Even after Faustus realizes—or should realize—how limited the powers are that Mephistopheles can grant him (for example, Faustus can't even marry), he is unable to grasp the Christian truth that God's good is more powerful than the devil's evil and can undo anything the devil has done. The devil has no power to torment his soul if Faustus decides to give it instead to God.

The play illustrates the theological notion that it is our pride in our own human wisdom and power (as it was Satan's own pride in himself) that is the architect of our damnation. If Faustus had simply accepted the truth of the gospel message of forgiveness, rather than listening to all the ways the devil twisted it, he could have avoided eternity in hell. Up until the end, salvation...

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