Garoghlanian Tribe

What is the religion and culture of Garoghlanian tribe in "The Summer of the Beautiful White Horse?"

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pmiranda2857 eNotes educator| Certified Educator

The Garoghlanian tribe is Armenian.  The culture of these people, known for their honesty, is at the heart of the story.  Hospitality is also an important function in the Armenian culture.  Social gatherings revolve around large amounts of food.

The religion of most Armenian people is Christianity, which is structured around forgiveness of sins and, in this story focuses on tolerance.  So therefore, when the horse is returned, the farmer does not tell the Gargohlanian family that the two boys had the horse all along.      

"Faced with a situation in which the first impulse of most people would be to punish the thieves, the people of this slow-moving, rural Armenian community (which undoubtedly was modeled on the author's hometown, Fresno, California) do more than recognize that boys will be boys."  

"To insult the honor of the Garoghlanian family would cause much more trouble than the loss of a horse, disrupting the peace of the community."

kmj23 eNotes educator| Certified Educator

In this story, the Garoghlanian tribe are Armenian, and their religion is likely Christianity, though this is not explicitly mentioned in the text.

In terms of culture, Aram outlines the three central tenets of the Garoghlanian's culture early in the exposition of the story. First of all, Aram tells us that the members of the tribe are a "proud" people. Secondly, they are honest and their honesty is famous throughout their community. Finally, the tribe has a strong belief in "right and wrong."

It is these cultural practices which account for Aram's shock when he learns that his cousin, Mourad, has stolen a horse. Because the Garoghlanian tribe are so honest and so keen to differentiate between right and wrong, it comes as a great shock that his cousin would commit such a crime. More importantly, however, it is these cultural values which ensure that the boys eventually return the horse to its rightful owner.

goharvms | Student

The Gargohlanian family, as well as all Armenians, is Christians. They existed in reality. They were survivals of Armenian genocide that turkey did on 1915; they killed 2 million Armenians, in our own motherland. The survivals spread around the world, especially to the neighbor countries and USA.


sohni | Student

the religion might be christianity.. and their culture includes honesty, hospitality. social gatherings of these tribes revolve around large amount of food..

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