What religion accounts for the story of Noah's Ark?

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The story of Noah's ark is mentioned in various religious scriptures, the main ones being those of Islam (Quran), Christianity (Bible) and Judaism (Torah).

In Quran, chapters 11 and 71 describe in detail of the incident. The entire story of the prophethood of Noah until the flood and what happened later are explained in these chapters. At another point, in Chapter 54: Verse 16, the existence of the Ark of Noah as a sign for mankind is mentioned.

And We left it (the Ark) as a Sign for the coming generations; but is there anyone who would receive admonition? (Holy Qur’an, Ch.54: Vs.16)

In Bible, the account of the flood is mentioned in the first book of the Torah, Genesis 6:9 - 9:29. The story of prophethood of Noah and how the people disobeyed him which finally led to the flood is explained through these verses.

Several other scriptures like the Epic of Gilgamesh, Atrahasis Epic etc. mentions global flood but none relates directly to Noah and his Ark. 

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The best and real story of Noah (A.S.) is decribed in Islam. In Quran Pak ( Holy Book ) one whole Surah is present with this incident . just search that on net.

if u wnat to read that on net plz check the link given bellow . thanks

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The story of Noah's Ark is in the Genesis part of the Old Testament in the Bible. The main religions that believe in the Old Testament are Judaism, Christianity, Islam. 

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