What is the relevance/significance of people discussing the effects of global warming on the ecosystem?

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When people discuss the impact of global warming on ecosystems, it is important for at least two reasons.  One of these is more scientific while the other is more political.

When people discuss the impact of global warming on ecosystems, they are raising awareness of the importance of global warming.  When this happens, people become more likely to think that something that something should be done about global warming.  This makes it more likely that global warming will have less of an impact on ecosystems.

When people have such discussions, it also affects politics.  The issue of global warming and what to do about it is very controversial in many countries.  Discussions of the issue, then, tend to add to the controversy.  Many people do not believe that global warming is caused by human beings.  They also feel that any attempts to slow global warming would be harmful to the economy.  Therefore, they oppose the idea of taking actions that might slow global warming. 

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