What is the relevance of the poem 'IF' in my life?In brief is perfect about 60-100 words will be fine. Please

Expert Answers
Ashley Kannan eNotes educator| Certified Educator

The primary relevance of Kipling's poem, "If", would be to instill moral courage and decisiveness within an individual.  There is much within the poem that speaks to a person who is facing a crisis of action.  Perhaps, this could be trying to fulfill a duty which they know is difficult, or resisting the elusive temptation of a "lesser" good, but the poem speaks to the idea of enhancing and developing a person's sense of courage and moral fortitude regardless of circumstances.  If we examine the poem as someone who comes to the speaker for guidance and assistance, we can see the full relevancy of it.  The words of counsel in terms of how to navigate the decisions and actions of one's own sense of being in connection to how others perceive these decisions and one perceives their own sense of self serve to inspire an individual to aspire to "the better angels" of one's own nature.  In the final analysis, as Kipling concludes, this becomes the essence of maturation and growth within one's emotional frame of reference.