what is the relevance of the playboy in present times?

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Play boy of the western world brings the life back to the present world and here the themes are well woven and inter connected with the present situation. being a murder he is very well praised by the crowd unlike today's present scenario also the more the powerful the more praise worthy the difference is that after knowing the truth the mayo people rejects his bravery when his dead father appears back ...but in today’s world there is no difference coz human values are vanished some where.....

thus in this connection the feeling of love ,dominance ,supremacy ,the wish to acquire some thing ,the economic condition ,the working of girl in the crowded pub like areas where it is always surrounded by mail ...is very much present in today’s time and the most important the breaking of heart ..After some one falls in true love. And they can not get what they wont...The same thing with the heroine of the plat seem to be.

So from all the angles it is wholly the incarnation of the present time..........


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