What is the relevance of playboy in the present times?

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The center of the story is the community reaction -- how the small community seeks and (putatively) finds a hero, and how atificial their criteria for heroism are -- the love story is the "encasement" of Synge's real concern, which is how Ireland (the Western world) is conceived by outsiders, and how mistakenly the public image of Ireland represents its real strengths -- mysticism based on Celtic history, and the devotion to Ireland's past.  Synge was not interested in a "small" story; he was, in his whole canon, seeking a dramatic justification of his love of his country, constantly under attack during Synge's lifetime.  The lasting value of the play lies in his success at making this statement.  Worjs of dramatic art are worth analyzing when the student seeks the deeper meanings of the simple actions. 

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J.M.Synge "The Playboy of the Western World" is a portrayal of Playboy in the early twentieth century of Ireland.Playboy didnot have the meaning it has today,rather it meant hoaxer or tricker.Whereas,today it denotes a pleasure seeking person indulging their lifestyle in all sorts of mal-practices especially having innumerable woman affairs and flirting.

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The playboworldy of the western " is related today because now a days also people do 'hero worship that is they have ideal heros.people support the views and things they do in the same way as christy is appreciated and supported for showing bravery in killing his father.christy bonfront of peopleosts of killing his father and draws attension of every mayo people including men and women and becomes hero in their eyes.another thing that is revelant today is that what happens infront of people has diferent effect on minds and soul of people compared to things that happen far away from them.the evidence of this thing comes from play when christy's father comes and christy tries to kill him in order to remain hero in eyes of mayo people they catch hold of him. this shows people can tolerate wrongs things happening far away but when they are actually caught in such circumstances they can't see things going wrong.this is how this play is related today.

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