What is the relevance of Frankenstein in today's society? What lessons can modern man learn from Frankenstein? What are some examples. think about cloning and genetic engineering.

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The subtitle to the novel Frankenstein is The Modern Prometheus.  This gives a clear suggestion that scientific discoveries and implementations are double-edged swords; Prometheus gave mankind fire, which can light, cook, and heat or melt, burn and destroy.  In creating the monster, Dr. Frankenstein gives mankind the power of life over death -- both boon and curse.  So it remains with any scientific discovery. The parallel between the monster and cloning is a good one -- guidelines will be in place as the technology advances, not to limit scientific inquiry but to help avoid the monsters that can be created.  Even so, undoubtedly mistakes will be made. Although the Greek Prometheus myth touched on the relationship of man, god, and nature, the brilliance of Shelley's work was its insight into the characteristics of scientific inquiry, something becoming just apparent in her time, and clearly apparent in ours.

I think there are many ideas that are in Shelley's work that can have modern...

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