What is the relevance between Henry Ford's mass production lines and the assemby lines in Brave New World?

Expert Answers
bwarren3 eNotes educator| Certified Educator

Henry Ford and his assembly line are significant to the society of Brave New World in several ways.  First, the story takes place in the year A.F. 632.  The A.F. stands for After Ford.  So, the story takes place 632 years after the birth of Henry Ford, the man who introduced the assembly line and the Model T car.  Second, the tops of all crosses have been removed so that they resemble T's, a symbol for the Model T car.  Third, and most important, human reproduction is conducted via an assembly line.  The amount of and type of humans produced can be controlled by the assembly line, thus helping to insure stability throughout the world. The assembly line and the ability to mass produce products is the foundation upon which this society--a society that is compelled through hypnopaedia and shock treatment to consume the products produced and seek shallow pleasures--is based.

Essentially, the people of this society see Henry Ford as a god, referring to him as Our Ford througout the story, because he invented the assembly line, thus making their world possible.