What relationships does Lady Macbeth have with other characters in Macbeth?

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Lady Macbeth is largely defined in this play by her relationship with her husband. We rarely see her interact with other characters, the chief exception being Duncan. However, we can interpret something about her other relationships from what is said. To begin with, we can assume that she had a close relationship with her father, or at least was fond of him, as the reason she gives for being unable to kill Duncan is that he "resembled [her] father as he slept." We can also see that she is relatively commanding in terms of her relationships with the other members of the court; she tells Ross directly not to encourage Macbeth's fancies, although by and large she doesn't speak to anyone else present but her husband, even when the two appear as part of larger gatherings. Lady Macbeth has a gentlewoman and a doctor; we can assume the gentlewoman has some intimate knowledge of Lady Macbeth from her conversations with the doctor and her concern for her mistress, but again, this is not explicit.

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