What is the relationship between social policy and public policy?  

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The relationship between social policy and public policy is that social policy may be seen as the way societies "allocate resources" to implement government (local, state, federal) public policy as it is expressed through "legislation/laws, local ordinances, regulations, executive orders, court decisions, or decisions of administrators" ("Social and Public Policy," Government Publications Resources made available by San Jose State University).

The relationship between social policy and public policy is also that public policy may represent the formalization of social policy. Together, social and public policy address problems recognized in society.

Formalization into public policy of solutions for society's problems may originate at the social policy level or at the public policy level. Social policy (which includes actions based on laws, customs, or social ideas) may originate in society and filter upward to the public policy level, where it is incorporated into law, or social policy may...

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