What is the relationship between Papi and Rafa?

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In Junot Diaz's short story, "Fiesta, 1980," Rafa is the older of two brothers. Rafa is an alpha-male who is masculine, confident, and seems to have the same type of personality as their father, Papi. Yunior, the younger brother, and protagonist of the story, is the opposite of Rafa and Papi, personality-wise. We see the differences between Yunior and Rafa at the party they attend, in which Rafa was quick to flirt with girls. Papi is a womanizer, illustrated by Yunior's recollection of Papi taking him to his mistress's house and presumably having sex with her whilst Yunior waited downstairs. Papi and Rafa also think that Yunior is weak because he easily gets carsick. This shows that Rafa had adapted their father's machismo attitude, even though Yunior is the junior of Papi in name.

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