What kind of relationship did Mrs. Bennet have with her daughters, especially Elizabeth and Lydia?  

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Mrs. Bennet wishes for all five of her daughters to marry well. When Mr. Bennet dies, Mr. Collins will inherit almost everything the Bennets own. She wants her daughters to be cared for in marriage. At times, she lacks decorum. She is often loud and indiscreet. Elizabeth is sometimes ashamed of her mother's behavior.  

In her eagerness to marry off her daughters, Mrs. Bennet is overly involved in their lives. She often overlooks impropriety in her two youngest daughters, Kitty and Lydia. She seems unconcerned with their boisterous behavior.

Elizabeth and Mrs. Bennet have a strained relationship. Elizabeth is much closer to her father than her mother. Mrs. Bennet wishes for Elizabeth to find a...

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