What is the relationship between Lucy and her mother in the book Autobiography of a Face?

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In Lucy Grealy’s book, Autobiography of a Face, she tells the poignant story of a young girl’s journey to find love and acceptance. Because of a deadly form of cancer, Lucy had to have half of her jaw removed and then had to deal with going back to school with this disfigurement. She overcame many obstacles as she tried to fit in and later, find a boyfriend and have a happy life. Her mother was an integral part of her life, but at times Lucy’s relationship with her was strained.

Her mother, who was petrified at the possible loss of her daughter, handled it by keeping all of those frightened emotions in and acting like she had no fear, especially in front of Lucy. She tries to get Lucy to be the same way—fearless—but this is difficult for the young girl, who often cries and feels like she can never succeed. She feels like she disappoints her mother whenever she gets upset and cannot be as strong as her mother is.

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