What is the relationship between Juliet and her parents?

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The relationship between Juliet and her parents is initially a positive one. There is evidence to suggests that Juliet's parents care deeply about her and want her to have the best start in life. In act 1, scene 2, for example, we see the strength of Capulet's concern towards his daughter when Paris asks for her hand in marriage. Capulet, although honored to be asked, is concerned that Juliet is too young. He does eventually agree to the marriage but only if Paris woos his daughter and encourages her genuine love.

Juliet's reluctance to marry Paris, however, shows the reader a darker side to the relationship between Juliet and her parents. Through their arguments, we see that Capulet is prepared to throw his daughter out of the house if she does not obey him. Moreover, we see that Juliet, although only fourteen years old, is not prepared to do as her parents ask.

On balance, then, Juliet's relationship with her parents is built on love and care but very quickly descends into conflict when she tries to assert her independence. It is, perhaps, very typical, in a manner, of the relationship between most teenagers and their parents.

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