What is the relationship between Hero and Leoneto?  

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Hero and Leonato enjoy a close father-daughter relationship. She is characterized as a sweet-natured young woman and an obedient daughter to her father. This depiction of her character is what makes the charge of infidelity against her so difficut for Leonato to bear. The fact that Leonato believes the accusation at first reveals that their father-daughter closeness does not always win out when traditional gender roles are at play. His heartache does, however, reflect the sincere affection and love he feels for Hero.

In modern terminology, Leonato is a single father to Hero, which means that they are closer than perhaps a father and a daughter in a traditional family set-up would suggest. They share characteristics like kindness and gentleness, which reflects the influence they have had on each other and the parenting style Leonato has shown Hero while raising her on his own.

The relationship between Hero and Leonato is a close one. Hero is Leonato's only...

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