What is the relationship between Dante the Author and Dante the Pilgrim from Dante's Inferno? 

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The major difference between the poet Dante and the character or pilgrim Dante is that the author is less sympathetic to the sinners in the circles of Hell than is the character. The poet Dante obviously wrote the Inferno ; he created the circles of Hell, determining which sins were the "worst" and which symbolic punishments would be paired with each sin. Dante chooses to punish the traitors in the ninth circle, the worst of the worst being eaten for eternity in the three mouths of Satan. His personal biases are on display, as well. For example, in the Vestibule of Hell, Dante harshly punishes the "opportunists," who did not choose a side in political conflicts or the corps of angels that did not choose a side between God and Satan when the latter rebelled. This comes from Dante's distaste for political bandwagonners; Dante himself was exiled for his loyalty to a group that was no longer in power. These sinners in the Vestibule are not even deemed worthy of a place in Hell, but nor can...

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