What is the relationship between Charlie, Dr. Strauss, and Dr. Nemur in the play "Flowers for Algernon"? 

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Flowers for Algernon tells the story of Charlie, a young man of very low IQ, who through experimental surgery is transformed into a genius. Dr. Strauss and Dr. Nemur are the scientists who conceive of and conduct the experiment first upon a mouse named Algernon and then on Charlie.

Dr. Strauss and Dr. Nemur do not see Charlie as a unique human being, but only as an experimental subject. As a result, they treat him in a condescending manner. Even after Charlie's intelligence increases dramatically, the scientists do not attempt to form a human relationship with him. Instead, they consider him merely a valuable example of their scientific prowess. This causes Charlie to rebel against Dr. Strauss and Dr. Nemur and run away rather than continue to work with them. Eventually Charlie's intellect surpasses theirs, and he is able to discover flaws in their hypothesis that suggest that his improvement is only temporary, and his IQ will eventually revert to the level that it was before the surgery.

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Dr. Strauss and Dr. Nemur developed a way to improve the cognitive abilities of animals. They had successfully tried their experiment on a rat named Algernon and wanted to test the same on a human subject.

Charlie was intellectually challenged and attended Miss. Kinnian’s class at the adult school. He enrolled himself with the aim of improving his reading and writing abilities.

Dr. Strauss learned about Charlie through Miss. Kinnian. He recommended him as a test subject to Dr. Nemur. However, Dr. Nemur was reluctant to accept Charlie as the subject for their experiment. Dr. Strauss convinced him, and Charlie had the operation to improve his cognitive abilities. After the surgery, Charlie’s intelligence improved. However, the development was not permanent, and Charlie regressed to his original condition.

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