What is the relationship between Mrs. Peters and Mrs. Hale in "Trifles"?

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Mrs. Hale and Mrs. Peters are two women who are basically acquaintances and who are united in this play by their husbands. The men are investigating a crime scene: Mr. Wright has been murdered and his wife is the suspect. The women are tasked with gathering some items for Mrs. Wright that she may need while she sits at the jail.

At first, Mrs. Peters is the more transgressive of the women. This may be surprising considering she is the wife of the town sheriff. However, it is evident rather early on that she is disposed to sympathize with Mrs. Wright, formerly known as Minnie Foster. When Mrs. Peters corrects a dropped stitch that may give her husband a clue to Mrs. Wright's distracted mental state, Mrs. Hale does not at first approve. She understands that Mrs. Peters is tampering with evidence. However, later in the play, Mrs. Hale becomes more sympathetic toward her former friend, Minnie Foster. When the women find the dead bird, Mrs. Hale remembers how Minnie used to love to sing and...

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