And of Clay Are We Created by Isabel Allende

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In "And of Clay Are We Created," what is the relationship between Rolf Carlé and the narrator?

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"And of Clay Are We Created" is a short story by Isabel Allende from her 1989 anthology The Stories of Eva Luna. The narrator, unnamed in the story, is Eva Luna, a documentarian and the lover of Rolf Carlé, a reporter who goes to cover a volcanic eruption and becomes emotionally attached to a young girl who has been trapped in heavy mud, unable to move.

Early in the story, the narrator says:

When the station called before dawn, Rolf Carlé and I were together. I crawled out of bed, dazed with sleep, and went to prepare coffee while he hurriedly dressed. He stuffed his gear in the green canvas backpack he always carried, and we said goodbye, as we had so many times before. I had no presentiments. I sat in the kitchen, sipping my coffee and planning the long hours without him, sure that he would be back the next day.

They have been separated by his work many times before. His leaving to...

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