What is the relationship between prince fortinbras and king fortinbras? Is it a good relationship? What goes on in the relationship?

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ms-mcgregor eNotes educator| Certified Educator

King Fortinbras was killed when his son, Young Fortinbras was a boy. King Fortinbras' uncle, named Old Norway in the play, took over as King. Young Fortinbras never really knew his father but blamed King Hamlet ( young Hamlet's father) for his own father's death. When the play opens, young Fortinbras has grown up and raised an army to get back the lands that his father lost to King Hamlet. According to the gravedigger, Delver, young Hamlet was born on the day that King Fortinbras was killed.

helpmehelpu1011 | Student

Ummm.....i dont know but good luck cuz Hamlet is difficult!