What is the relationship between organizational culture, managerial actions and organizational effectiveness?

Expert Answers
Ashley Kannan eNotes educator| Certified Educator

Regardless of any field, effective leadership lies in being able to understand organizational culture.  The social and historical fabric of any organization must be taken into account when making decisions.  This is not to say that all decisions are contingent on the culture of an organization.  However, effective managers or leaders have keen awareness of how the culture of a particular entity impacts those to whom the leader wishes to actually lead.  The inertia and potential levels of resistance when decisions are made without understanding of organizational culture can become quite significant.  In order for leaders to be effective, they must understand how their vision for change or progress can be merged into the culture of their organization.  The effective leader learns how to gear the vision of the organizational culture along the lines of their vision.  In this convergent approach, organizational effectiveness is achieved because those who adhere to the manager's actions can see that their actions are concurrent with the organizational culture, allowing the culture's voice to be validated and authenticated.  This creates an effective leader working within a culture and not outside of it.