What is the relationship between the net force and the ccceleration of an object?the pulling forces from greatest to least for an object.

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The Newton's second law relates the net force, acceleration and mass of an object, such that:

`bar F = m*bar a`

`bar F` represents the net force vector

m represents the mass of object

`bar a` represents the acceleration vector of object

The equation `bar F` = `m*bar a` implies the following relation between the net force and acceleration, with respect to the fact that net force and acceleration are both vectors, such that:

- the direction of the net force vector coincides with the direction of acceleration vector

- the magnitude of the net force vector is proportional to the magnitude of acceleration vector: `|bar F| ~~ |bar a|.`

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Net force and acceleration are porportionate.  Example:  if the force of an object is applied to a 1 ton truck, then this will cause a 1 m/s/s acceleration.  The formula that determines force is F-ma.