What is the relationship between Mr. Samsa and Gregor in The Metamorphosis by Franz Kafka?Mr. Samsa and Gregor's roles

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This is a great story. At the beginning of the book Gregor is the only one working. He is dutiful and does what is necessary. He neither tries to fight his circumstances or even think of other ways to overcome. So, when his father is out of work, Gregor takes over the family's financial situation. Mr. Samsa is portrayed as a lazy and very boring character.

After Gregor's transformation, Mr. Samsa is forced to change. More specifically, he is forced, once again, to take the head of the household. In fact, he even gets a job as a bank messenger. He has a new sense of authority and he becomes a domineering force. In short, his relationship with Gregor changes. He now no longer depends on Gregor. In fact, he thinks the worst of him now. Even when others think that Gregor is communicating with them, Mr. Samsa does not believe. In a word, Mr. Samsa begins to despise Gregor.

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