What is the relationship between Mr. Higgins and his mother ?

Expert Answers
tinicraw eNotes educator| Certified Educator

Henry Higgins is an only child whose only living parent is his mother, Mrs. Higgins. He is also an eternal bachelor who will not change his single, arrogant ways.  He is highly educated and treats all of the women in his life like peons. The only one he truly listens to is his mother. He may not follow through with her advice completely, but he shows her more respect than the other women in the play.  He yells and screams like thestuck-up, lonely brat that he is while she gives quiet advice. She is not a helicopter mother because she doesn't hover.  She allows him to make his own decisions and mistakes, but she won't agree with him or be intimidated by him.  She makes and follows through on her own decisions, too; like the time that she admits Eliza into her home without consulting Henry. This shows that she is also independent and unintimidated by her son even though he screams a lot. There doesn't seem to be anything unusual within their relationship because the mother/son relationship remains in tact without any melodramatic or unnatural occurrences getting in the way.