In Crazy Sunday by F Scott Fitzgerald, what is the relationship between Miles and Stella? Analyze and Discuss it. 

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In Crazy Sunday by F Scott Fitzgerald, Miles and Stella have an obviously complex relationship. It is significant that they exist in an industry - film - which has an element of deception and feigned reality surrounding it and, therefore, surrounding them.  They are both insecure and reveal this insecurity in sometimes inappropriate ways; Miles is extremely jealous but has also had an affair and Stella seeks attention from other men but has never been unfaithful. However, their love for each other is unmistakable.

Stella is dismissive of Miles's visits to the psychoanalyst and feels that they are not helping. Miles's admission that he was jealous when Stella chatted to Joel contradicts the very fact that, whilst being jealous of Stella, he has been having an affair with one of Stella's best friends - of which she is now aware. It seems however that, despite Miles acknowledging his affair and admitting "everything and I feel as bad about it as you do,"  neither of them really take their problems seriously as they promptly move on to other things. Miles discusses "pictures" with Joel and Stella behaves "as if  they'd never discussed her personal affairs." There is no real connection between the world in which their problems exist and their everyday lives, as if they can compartmentalize it.  

Whilst Miles admits his jealousy - even of Stella's friendship with Joel - he also realizes that Stella has been influenced by him. Miles is friends with Joel and, unfortunately, Stella "likes all the men I like--it's very difficult." Miles, in other words, does not understand that Stella has her own personality; he sees her only as the person he has created, his "masterpiece." Stella lacks self-awareness. She is hurt and confused by Miles's affair and yet, she got involved with Miles when he was still married to his former wife so there should be no element of surprise. Her obsession with the possibility that Miles is watching her every move, affects her disposition even to the point of wondering if the announcement of his death is just Miles's way of "torturing" her. 

Stella's efforts to retain something of Miles by avoiding his very real death also speaks to the relationship they had. She is dependent on Miles and does not really exist without him so, keeping Joel with her is not out of any feelings for Joel but rather due to her confused feelings about Miles. Joel recognizes her fears and knows what he must do. He also sees what a difference Miles made: "What a hell of a hole he leaves in this damn wilderness--already!"

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