What relationship between men and women was considered above reproach in Othello?

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This is almost a trick question. I say this because at the start of the play, marital fidelity is considered above reproach. Specifically, he trusts his Desdemona, and loves her so much that doubt never occurs. However, Iago's actions cause this to unravel quickly, so that by mid-play no such relationship is beyond reproach, and by the end, all are tainted.


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This is a trick question. This tragedy in this book, Othello, was caused by men's misconceptions and misunderstanding of woman, and they are unable to do anything to protect themselves from men's conceptions of them through their actions. Actually, Othello really love his wife, Desdemona, well as she had all of the wanted qualities that man seek for: passivity, softness and obedience. But then, the relationship between them or men-woman relations soured when Iago came into the picture and using his manipulation, deceive him and create a mental image and the stereotypical profile based on the authority of a male voice, showing how much males trust males instead of trusting females, losing sight of his real form of his wife, allowing every actions of her to be very suspicious and cautionary, losing the trust for her by the simple brainwashing act by Iago to cause the tragedy to sink even deeper

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