What is the relationship between luck and fate in the rocking horse winner?

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In the story Rocking Horse Winner the author shows us how luck is intertwined with fate. In the story the boy thinks he is lucky because of his ability to ride the horse and predict the winners of the derby races. However, he did not earn this ability, it was given to him by fate. Likewise, the reader will wonder just how lucky the boy actually was since he dies at such a young age. The story proves that luck and fate can actually be interpreted as the same thing. Both cause events to happen to us that we have no control over. The only difference is luck is positive while fate can be negative. However, both will run their course in our lives regardless of what we do. 

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Luck appears to bee an intrgal  unit of one's fate But luck is also considered thought riven. It is not cchance, t is  driven by calculated thought  There really is no such thing as luck as portrayed in this story