What is the relationship between Louisa and Tom? How can we explain it?

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Theirs is an authoritative, emotion-less and yet enmeshed relationship in which Tom reigns supreme while Louis, albeit against her inner will, simply obeys conforming to the role that she occupies in the family, and to her role as a woman.

They are each other's mirrors. He is the cold hearted, emotion-less and matter of fact teacher whose job is to live in reality and detach himself from romantic ideals. Likewise, he teaches his children the same pattern of thought, and Louise somehow follows his steps.

When she is asked to marry for convenience, she accepts and, when she became fed up and realized that emotions do exist, she still went back to her father= this shows that, although emotions were not a lesson taught in the family, dignity and sticking to what is propriety definitely was.

In the end, we see that Louise finally detaches from the psychological enmeshment that her father had made of their cold, matter of fact relationship and opens up to love and emotions without looking back.

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