what is the relationship between lord emsworth and freddie in "the custody of the pumpkin?    

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The relationship between Lord Emsworth and Freddy is not like a father and son.It is a responsibility of a father to nurture his son well but Lord Emswroth is seem to be caring about his Blanding Hope! Lord Emswroth just want to get rid of his own son. Where Freddie wants what he wishes. An example to their exhausted relationship is that when Fredrick marries Aggie Donaldson to which Lord Emsworth is happy as he wanted to get rid of him as it quotes "The getting rid of Freddie,which he himself had been unable to achieve in twenty six years."

  This is clearly shows the relationship between Lord Emsworth and Freddie.

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Freddie is the 2nd son Lord Emsworth, Lord Emsworth was his father. Freddie does only what he wishes. Emsworth saw Freddie witha girl in the garden kissing her & when Emsworth asked about that girl Freddie replied that she was her fiance.

And Emsworth didnt liked that because that girl was an American and Freddie was a british so the Earl would finish.

This all proves that the relations between Lord Emsworth & Freddie were not good.

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