Make An Inference About Friar Laurence And Romeo’s Relationship, And Compare It To The Nurse And Juliet’s Relationship. Write Three Sentences Describing The Similarities Between These Two Relationships.

What is the relationship between Juliet and the Nurse and how is it significant?

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Juliet and her Nurse have been together since Juliet was born.  She was the one who nursed Juliet as a baby, and she was with her far more often than Juliet's mother was. This closeness is significant as it is the Nurse who Juliet trusts to relay messages to and from Romeo - It is the Nurse who truly knows and understands the yearnings of Juliet's heart, and who tries her best to help Juliet get what (who) she wants to make her happy.

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The relationship between Juliet and the Nurse is extreamly strong and this is shown all through the play (insert quotaion here), they have been close ever since Juliet was born as the Nurse has almost taken over Lady Capulets job as a mother. We know there relationship is strong because the nurse is the only person that juliet told about Romeo and the marrige to Romeo. Juliet is comfortable with and at ease speaking to the Nurse, this means if Juliet was to have any queries she would always go to the nurse for advice and help. And the nurses advice is what influenced Juliet to marry Romeo in the first place (insert quotation here). So after many years together they grew even closer and had complete trust and faith in each other, untill act 3 scene 5. This scene is what changed there relationship for the worst, Lord Capulet ordered Juliet to marry Paris. Juliet refused to marry and when she asked the nurse for help, The nurse just simply told her to marry Paris. This is not what Juliet wanted to hear, from then on in the play Juliet and the Nurse's once strong bond was gone. Juliet lost all belief, respect and trust in the nurse. Juliet had to find someone else to rely on and this person ended up to be Friar Lawrence.

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Relationships between: • Friar Laurence & Romeo • Nurse & Juliet  Similarities  Differences  Quotes

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