What is the relationship between forgiveness and love?

Expert Answers
mizzwillie eNotes educator| Certified Educator

Forgiveness and love go hand in hand.  To forgive is to truly acknowledge the injury and yet be able to understand, require no restitution for the injury, and go on with the relationship.  To be able to understand and go on requires love because I don't think anything else would be enough to enable you to accomplish keeping the relationship intact.   Many would say that religion or God teaches us to forgive and to love one another which is true; however, practice is much easier said than done.  For love of my child, I once had to forgive my father-in-law for keeping a dog which tore my son's face apart requiring 300 stitches when he knew the dog had already bitten two other grandchildren and even then had refused to get rid of the dog.  To enable me to go on and let my child love his grandfather and my husband to let go of his anger, I had to forgive to allow my anger to dissipate, to acknowledge the man's good qualities, and to keep love in the forefront. I believe that forgiveness truly cannot happen without love; they are on equal terms.