What is the relationship between Elie and his father in the novel Night?

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Elie and his father have a very close relationship and rely on each other to survive the horrific conditions of the Holocaust. After being separated from the females members of their family, Elie and his father remain by each other's side for the majority of their time in captivity. Both father and son rely on each other for moral support, advice, and resources. Elie and his father share their food rations with each other, go out of their way to avoid violent officers, and keep each other awake when they are close to death. Both father and son motivate each other to remain alive and are hopeful that they will one day survive the horrific ordeal. Elie and his father are fortunate enough to work side-by-side in an electrical warehouse and live together in the multiple concentration camps they inhabit. Elie's father becomes his sole motivation to survive and Elie tries his best to save his father when he is inflicted with dysentery. Tragically, Elie cannot save his father and is...

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