A Child Called "It" Questions and Answers
by Dave Pelzer

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Beside the physical abuse, what are the other aspects of the relationship between Dave and his mother in A Child Called "It" by Dave Pelzer?

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In Dave Pelzer's A Child Called "It," his mother is openly abusive of her son. The most obvious abuse is that of a physical nature, and her mental illness drives her to create a variety of painful and tortuous "punishments" for her son, even when he is young. To the outside world, Dave's mother...

...glowed with love for her children.

She seemed the perfect caregiver. However, at home she was viciously insane.

From a psychological standpoint, all of his mother's frustrations and anger (even though they were unjustified) were poured down on Dave.

As a child living in a dark world, I feared for my life and thought I was alone.

While young, he was forced to repeat of himself, to himself:

I am a bad boy!

His mother became not only his tormentor, but his jailer as well. She abused him emotionally and mentally by isolating him from others—as Dave is ignored by other family members—his older brother, later his younger brother, and even his father—who should have defended him—his...

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miya1999 | Student

another part of the relationship between him and his mother was the emotional neglect .his mother got to the point where she didnt careif he got hert or even died