What is the relationship between Daniel and Samson in The Bronze Bow?

Expert Answers
accessteacher eNotes educator| Certified Educator

Samson is the huge and incredibly strong former slave who is freed by Daniel. When he first arrives to be with Daniel and the other rebels, he is given into Daniel's care, and Daniel's kindness and compassion towards Samson earns him Samson's unswerving loyalty and kindness. Although he is a minor character, it is clear that Samson is perhaps the most pure individual (apart from Jesus) in the novel, as he shows great love towards Daniel. He acts almost as a personal bodyguard for him and protects him from a variety of threats.

What is most important about the relationship between Samson and Daniel however is the way that Samson, through his willingness to sacrifice his own life for Daniel, gives us the example of a character who is willing to model the example of Jesus in the way that he lives his life and then loses it for love of somebody else. It is Samson who saves the day when Daniel hatches his foolish plan to rescue Joel, even though he loses his life in the process. His love of Daniel is the driving force of his actions.