What is the relationship between Cherry and Ponyboy in The Outsiders?

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Cherry Valance, the Soc cheerleader, is the girlfriend of Bob Sheldon, the Soc who is killed by Johnny Cade during their confrontation in the park in which the Socs try to drown Ponyboy. Ponyboy had met Cherry earlier at the drive-in theatre. Cherry and her friend, Marcia, sat with Johnny and Pony during the movie, and the two boys stood up to Dallas Winston when he tried to come on to Cherry. She was impressed with their courage when they faced Dally, who Cherry knew by reputation.

Pony and Cherry were only friends, or "soul mates," if you will. Cherry was several years older than Pony, but they both seemed to understand each other and shared a few of the same likes, particularly sunsets. Cherry later served as a "spy" for the greasers on the night of the rumble and, more importantly, testified on Ponyboy's behalf when he went to court about Bob's murder.

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