What is the relationship between branding and sales of a product?I really want to know if the branding of product can generate sales for the said product

krishna-agrawala | Student

Brand is a name, a logo or any such symbol associated with a product that identifies the source of the product. Branding is the process of endowing a product with a brand.

Sales is the process of convincing the process of taking customer order for a product and delivering the product in exchange for price of the product paid. The process of sales includes providing customer with the information needed by customers to take buying decision and actually buy the product.

Branding of a product, makes it easier for the customer to take the buying decision, as customer usually associated brand of product with specific product qualities and other relates attributes such as service and price. Because of this customers often choose products to buy based on their brands rather than examining and evaluating products every time they want to buy a particular product. For example, a customer may develop preference for a particular brand of soft drink or cigarette, and buy that habitually, rather than engage in lengthy evaluation and comparison every time a can of soft drink or pack of cigarette is purchased.

Sales process can be effective or ineffective and based on that it can impact the sales positively. Similarly the when branding is done appropriately it helps to increase sales, but when done inappropriately it can also affect the sales adversely.

martaukrainochka | Student

For Example:

Blue jeans are products, but Levi is a brand.

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