What relationship is being foreshadowed at the end of Chapter 48?

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Wemmick, Jaggers and Pip discuss the engagement of Estella to Bently Drummle. Jaggers is very cynical of the union, saying that there will be a struggle as to who has superiority when they are married. He is not sure who will win, but says that Drummle will either ‘beat or cringe’ in response to his wife.

 May the question of supremacy be settled to the lady’s satisfaction! To the satisfaction of the lady and the gentleman, it never will be.

 These words foreshadow the fact that Drummle does beat his wife, and she is changed by the experience to become a little softer hearted than she was earlier. The revelation that Estella’s mother, Jaggers’ housekeeper Molly, was acquitted of the jealous murder of a rival implies that the passion within the relationship she will have with Drummle may not be of a positive nature.